University of Missouri

47-26: Contingency and Reserve Request To Properly Designate Association Funds Remaining From Fiscal Year 2007: Technical Director

PURPOSE: To request funds from the MSA Contingency and Reserve Fund which are present because of rollover funds from FY07


WHEREAS, All MSA entities were very conservative in their financial expenditures in the last fiscal year, and


WHEREAS, The Association has had to increase various staff salary levels in order to remain competitive in the national job market, and


WHEREAS, The Association has had need of a full-time technical director due to increasing demand for the services of the technical crew, but has up to this point been restricted by employment circumstances to a 66% position, and


WHEREAS, Funds for these salary increases are going to be identified and built into the FY09 MSA Budget, but there are no funds designated for these increases in FY08, and


WHEREAS, MSA funds 100% of this position;


THEREFORE, be it enacted that the Missouri Students Association Senate allocate $12,736 to provide sufficient funding for staffing costs associated with MSA/GPC Technical support.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chelsea Johnson

MSA Vice President


Corey Gibson

Operations Chair