University of Missouri

47-24: A Resolution to Establish a Framework for Further Student Health Fee Recommendations

PURPOSE: To outline ongoing concerns with the Health Fee resulting from previous legislation, Senate Bill 389, and the Consumer Price Index in preparation for further recommendations to the Board of Curators.


WHEREAS, On November 28, 2007, MSA Senate passed Bill 47-15, which recommended a $2.32 increase to the Student Health Center fee, and


WHEREAS, On January 17 the University of Missouri Board of Curators received a proposal recommending a $3.66 Health Fee increase and stating incorrectly that “The Student Fee Review Committee and the MSA Senate support these proposals,” and


WHEREAS, On January 31 the University of Missouri Board of Curators voted to table a 4.1% increase of the Student Activity Fee pending further input from students and administrators, and


WHEREAS, Bill 45-08 recommended a new $3.50 student fee for the Counseling Center to address mental health issues and stated, “We further recommend a review of mental health services offered on campus, what the student body’s needs are, and how these needs can best be met before another increase in student fees for mental health services is implemented,” and


WHEREAS, Bill 46-22 opposed a $7.27 per semester increase, stating, “Whereas, the proposed increase not only constitutes a substantial burden on the student population, but repeated increases by the Student Health Center of a similar magnitude have been anticipated while remaining unaccounted for in future planning, and


WHEREAS, Bill 47-15 states, “Be it further resolved the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and Wellness Center clarify their roles and collaborate further to ensure they are meeting the needs of the students and reducing the redundancies among the three, such as alcohol counseling,” and


WHEREAS, On January 15 the U.S. Department of Labor announced a 4.1% year-over-year increase to the Consumer Price Index, and


WHEREAS, The Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education’s current interpretation of Senate Bill 389 is that student fee increases are to be no higher than the annual percentage increase in the CPI and that no allowances are made for the higher inflationary rate associated with medical costs, and


WHEREAS, The discrepancy between the CPI and medical inflationary rate will make it impossible for student fees to maintain the Student Health Center at its current percentage level of funding without significantly reducing other student services.


THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that further Health Fee recommendations by the Student Fee Review Committee hold the Student Health Center, Student Counseling Center, and Wellness Resource Center accountable for streamlining communication and producing a comprehensive student health guide, and


THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that further Health Fee recommendations address the additional concerns outlined in bills 45-08, 46-22, and 47-15, and


THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that further Health Fee recommendations account for the current year-over-year increase in the Consumer Price Index, and


THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that further Health Fee recommendations include a long-term plan to reduce the percentage of the Student Health Center budget that relies on student fees.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan Mays Jim Kelley Chelsea Johnson

MSA Senate Speaker MSA President MSA Vice President


Aaron Wynhausen Danielle Bellis

Budget Committee Chairman Budget Committee Senator