University of Missouri

47-06: A Resolution to Report the Full Range of Student Financial Aid Delays and Complications as a Result of MyZou

PURPOSE: To report student financial aid delays to the Student Financial Aid Office and ensure that each case is pursued to the fullest possible extent.

WHEREAS, The Fall 2007 introduction of the MyZou student account system has delayed the distribution of Federal Parent PLUS loans to more than 3,000 students, and

WHEREAS, The value of delayed PLUS loans exceeds $8.6 million, and

WHEREAS, The MU Student Financial Aid Office has maintained an offer of interest-free loans to all students affected by PLUS loan delays, and

WHEREAS, The value of interest-free short-term loans distributed to affected students is only $250,000, and

WHEREAS, On October 18 Student Financial Aid Director Joe Camille stated that about 100 PLUS loans had been processed, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Camille confirmed that about 3,000 more PLUS loans must still be processed, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Camille stated that certain PLUS loans that are handled through the Missouri Higher Education Loan Association will face longer delays, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Camille stated that a timeline for the resolution of PLUS loan delays has not yet been determined, and


WHEREAS, Mr. Camille stated that additional financial aid has begun processing but that much is still delayed.


THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the MSA Department of Student Communication develop a questionnaire in collaboration with the MU Student Financial Aid Office to solicit all remaining financial aid concerns via mass e-mail, and

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the MU Student Financial Aid Office confirm to MSA Senate that they have engaged each remaining student facing financial aid delays or complications as noted in the questionnaire.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Mays Allison Horne Amanda King
MSA Senate Speaker MSA Senate Clerk DSC Director


Eric Schneider

Academic Affairs