University of Missouri

47-05: A Resolution to Fully Support the University of Missouri System’s FY2009 Appropriations Request of $490.43 million

PURPOSE: To provide an informed student opinion on the $490.43 million UM System appropriations request for FY2009.


WHEREAS, on October 8 University of Missouri System Vice President for Finance and Administration Nikki Krawitz met with MSA Senate and the Student Fee Review Committee, and


WHEREAS, Dr. Krawitz presented a recommendation to increase state appropriations to the UM System by 12%, and


WHEREAS, Dr. Krawitz reported a UM System study conclusion that faculty salaries are currently in the bottom quartile of comparable institutions, using Association of American Universities members as a benchmark for this campus, and


WHEREAS, the UM System requires a $21.6 million increase to bring tenure and tenure-track faculty to the median pay rate of comparable universities, and


WHEREAS, the UM System requires a $3.71 million increase to account for technology maintenance, infrastructure, and ongoing costs, and


WHEREAS, the UM System requires a $12.60 million increase to restore the system wide plant replacement value from 1.25% to 1.5% and address deferred maintenance, and


WHEREAS, this recommendation considers an inflationary tuition increase of 3% ($12.52 million), the likely limit as set by Missouri Senate Bill 389, and


WHEREAS, this recommendation further considers $11.91 million in UM System funding via “efficiencies and reallocations” for the above items, and


WHEREAS, the UM System has requested a $23.23 million increase in state allocations to support nursing, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, dentistry, and allied health professions programs as part of a joint proposal across two- and four-year institutions in the state, and

WHEREAS, former President Floyd had identified a $10.8 million shortfall in equity funding for the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and the campus has since received $5.6 million in resources from the UM System, and


WHEREAS, the UM System has requested $2.60 million in additional state appropriations for each of the next two years to account for the equity adjustment, and


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly approved a cooperative engineering program between Missouri State University and the University of Missouri-Rolla but has not yet provided the requested $500,000 in one-time costs, and


WHEREAS, this recommendation is in line with the FY2008 request of a 12.2% increase submitted by then-president Elson Floyd after meeting with students on each UM Campus, including this campus on September 7, 2005, and supported by MSA Senate bill 46-23, and


WHEREAS, the UM System was allocated $418 million for FY2008, a $17 million (4.2%) increase over FY2007, and


WHEREAS, Governor Matt Blunt, Missouri General Assembly leadership, and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education have tentatively agreed to a minimum 4.2% increase in state allocations for each of the next two years.


THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association Senate strongly supports the University of Missouri System’s request of $490.43 million in Missouri state appropriations for the FY2009 budget.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Mays

MSA Senate Speaker




Rachel Anderson
MSA President

Andrew Cafourek
MSA Vice President


Nick Trusty

Director, Student Activities



Jordan Paul

Director, Student Services