University of Missouri

47-03: A Joint Resolution Urging the University of Missouri Board of Curators to Record the Student Position on Roll Call Votes

PURPOSE: To create a formal process for recording the positions of the student representative to the Board of Curators.


WHEREAS, In 1984 the University of Missouri Board of Curators added a non-voting student representative to its membership, and


WHEREAS, The Student Curator position has remained in good standing for the duration of its existence, and


WHEREAS, The Student Curator has successfully represented all four University of Missouri System schools by rotating two-year appointments across campuses, and


WHEREAS, Despite the great success of the current Student Curator program in improving the communication between the Board of Curators and University of Missouri System students, student positions are infrequently documented in the Board’s records, and


WHEREAS, It is valuable to establish an official record of the Student Curator’s positions on the Board of Curators’ policies, and


WHEREAS, The Intercampus Student Council has proposed the recording of the Student Curator’s stance during a Board of Curators roll call vote, and


WHEREAS, This recording will not carry the weight of a vote on the Board of Curators but will provide documentation and open expression of the student opinion of all matters acted upon by the Board.


THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate, Residence Halls Association Congress, and Legion of Black Collegians Senate that the University of Missouri Board of Curators roll call votes include the recording of the non-voting Student Curator’s position.