University of Missouri

47-02: A Resolution to Inform Student Organizations of MU Diversity Fee Funding Opportunities

PURPOSE: To recommend to the Organization Resource Group that all recognized student organizations be informed of funding opportunities through the MU Diversity Fee.

WHEREAS, Bill 46-29 recommended the creation of a $3.19 Multicultural/Diversity Fee to “Multicultural/Diversity Student Fee to facilitate cooperation between underrepresented students for the benefit of the entire undergraduate population,” and

WHEREAS, The University implemented the fee by allocating $54,000 to the Legion of Black Collegians, $24,000 to the Asian American Association, $18,000 to the Hispanic American Leadership Organization, $18,000 to Four Front, and $6,000 to Triangle Coalition for the 2007-2008 academic year, and

WHEREAS, The University further allocated $3,000 as a “discretionary fund” administered through the Department of Student Life, and

WHEREAS, On August 31 the Department of Student Life released its “criteria for student groups” applying for funding through the discretionary fund, and

WHEREAS, The criteria states, “This discretionary account will allow recognized student groups to apply for funding related to programs and events that support diversity initiatives on campus,” and

WHEREAS, The Organizational Resource Group is the primary source of student fee funding for most recognized student groups on campus, and

WHEREAS, $.09 of the Organizational Resource Group student fee was reallocated to create the MU Diversity Fee.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the Organizational Resource Group inform all recognized student organizations of the MU Diversity Fee funding opportunity, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that all student organizations receive reasonable notice prior to each Diversity Fee funding request deadline.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan Mays

MSA Senate Speaker



Rachel Anderson

MSA President



Andrew Cafourek

MSA Vice President