University of Missouri

47-01: An Act to Establish MSA Senate’s Online Responsibilities

Purpose: To outline basic expectations for MSA Senate’s website and digital distribution process.

WHEREAS, Every student at the University has the right to review the legislative policies enacted by his or her representatives, and

WHEREAS, Every Senator has the right to review the legislation upon which he or she will be voting with reasonable advance notice and with any relevant reference material, and

WHEREAS, The MSA website has been inaccessible for update since April 11, and

WHEREAS, MSA Senate is charged with disseminating information about its roster, schedule, legislation, minutes, and bylaws even when other departments fail to meet their responsibilities, and

WHEREAS, MSA Senate has established an independent website through which it may accomplish this charge.

THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 2 of the bylaws be amended:




(1) In accordance with 2.95, all acts and resolutions shall be made available online within one business day of submission or by 2 p.m. on the Tuesday after the bill has been submitted, whichever comes first. Bills shall be sent by e-mail to all current Senators and posted to the official MSA Senate website and RSS feed.

(2) Each Senator, even those on committees that have not been assigned to vote on a particular bill, shall receive a physical copy of each newly submitted bill at each committee meeting.


(A) DEFINITION— MSA Senate shall maintain an active website with, at minimum, the current session’s roster, schedule, legislation, minutes, bylaws, and weekly committee reports.

(B) VENUE— MSA Senate shall keep a permanent website on

(C) COOPERATION—When possible, MSA Senate shall work with the Department of Student Life and Executive and Judicial branches of MSA to keep a joint presence on

(D) RESPONSIBILITY—The MSA Senate Speaker and Clerks are responsible for keeping the website’s roster, schedule, legislation, minutes, and bylaws up to date. Each Committee Chair and Vice-Chair is responsible for filing weekly reports to the site. Failure to fulfill the responsibilities shall be grounds for removal from office.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan Mays

MSA Senate Speaker


Brendan Webber

Campus and Community Relations Chairman


Corey Gibson

Operations Chairman