University of Missouri

46-9: A Resolution Defining the Stance of MSA Regarding Copper Beech Townhouses

PURPOSE: To recommend to students that they do not move in to Copper Beech Townhouses on the basis of poor management and maintenance issues.

WHEREAS, there have been numerous complaints by students regarding the property, and

WHEREAS, these complaints focus on various issues ranging from quality of construction to mold infestation, and

WHEREAS, in some cases students have claimed that problems with the town homes have affected their health, and

WHEREAS, the management of the property have not shown many significant advances in solving the problems experienced by residents, and

WHEREAS, this is not an isolated case, as similar problems with Copper Beech Townhouses have been reported in other college towns, and

WHEREAS, in numerous cases residents have cited that the management has lied to them on a variety of issues, and

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of MSA to help ensure the safety of students.

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Missouri Student’s Association recommend that students do not move in to Copper Beech Townhouses, until the following issues have been resolved:
-The mold and bug infestation many residents are experiencing.
-The massive need for replacement of faulty equipment, i.e. pipes, shower heads, heaters, windows, etc.
-The very lengthy lag time experienced between the initial time a complaint is made, and repair of the problem.
-Poor resolution by the maintenance staff regarding repairs.
-Management blatantly lying to students, and being overly difficult to deal with.
-The clean-up of debris left from the construction of the townhouses.

Execution Clause: Upon passage this resolution shall be sent to the management office of the Copper Beech Townhouses, Mayor Hindman, and any appropriate media outlets. Furthermore, MSA will take an active stance to exclude Copper Beech Townhouses from campus activities, and their advertisement in any form on campus by working with campus administrative services.
Respectfully Submitted,

Campus and Community Relations Committee