University of Missouri

46-64: An Act to Create a Deadline for Appointment of BEC Executives

WHEREAS, the creation of the BEC handbook must be done 60 days prior to the election; and,

WHEREAS, such a deadline creates a rushed beginning of the year for new BEC executives; and,

WHEREAS, the creation of the handbook is of extreme importance for the future of the election; and,

WHEREAS, often the different branches have trouble appointing BEC executives due to lack of desire within their branch or pure laziness; and,

WHEREAS, often BEC executives are eligible for other positions within MSA and should know if they will hold the job so as to ensure no conflicts of interest arise; and,

WHEREAS, the BEC executive candidates must pass the Operations committee and Full Senate floor, thus their appointment rests on the schedule of these bodies; and,

WHEREAS, in case confidence in an appointment’s abilities is in question adequate time must be given to find another appointment; and,

WHEREAS, it is a great strain on the other 1-2 BEC executives to proceed without a full body; and,

WHEREAS, with the current system the BEC executive members may be working months before they are approved and thus eligible for pay,

THEREFORE, be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the following by-laws go into effect immediately, with reasonable leeway given to the current Speaker, Chief Justice and President for their next BEC appointments. Let it however be noted that the current Speaker Chief Justice and President should make every effort possible to appoint next year’s BEC executives as soon as possible with the given time and schedule constraints.

(1) EXECUTIVE BOARD— The BEC Executive Board shall be composed of three members: one member appointed by the President of the Association, one member appointed by the Speaker of the Senate, and one member appointed by the Chief Justice of the Student Court. All three shall be appointed pending the approval of the Senate Operations Committee and the confirmation of the Missouri Students Association Senate. The Executive Board shall choose the BEC Chair from among themselves. The remaining Executive Board members shall be Vice-Chairs.
(a) All three members of the BEC Executive must be appointed before the end of the year previous to the term they are to serve. The appointments must go for approval no later than the last Operations meeting and Full Senate meeting of the session prior to the session in which they are to serve.
(b) If any head of branch (Speaker, Chief Justice or President) fails to follow this deadline and further fails to bring a late appointment to the first Operations meeting of the session of which the appointee is to serve, the other two heads of branch must and are given right to collectively appoint a new candidate. In such case this appointee must be brought to the second Operations meeting of the session in which they are to serve.
(c) When the Board of Election Commissioners Chair or either Vice-Chair becomes vacant during the fall or winter semester a new appointment shall be made within 2 weeks by the person responsible for the appointment that is now vacant.
(2) OTHER MEMBERS—The BEC Executive Board shall appoint at least two other members of the Association to assist in the function of carrying out all elections. These members must be approved by the Senate Operations Committee.
(3) TERMS OF OFFICE— The terms of all members extend from their appointment through the end of the winter semester, and members must be re-appointed to serve in different academic years.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Compton Taylor McKinney
MSA Senator MSA Senator