University of Missouri

46-63: A Resolution Advocating the Divestment of University Investment Funds from All Companies Operating Non-Humanitarian Activities in Sudan

WHEREAS, the government of Sudan has engaged in a policy of genocide against its own black African population in Darfur through use of its military and through sponsorship of attacks by armed Arab militias known as the janjaweed; and

WHEREAS, the janjaweed and military of the Sudanese government are responsible for razing 90% of Darfur’s villages, gang-raping civilians, slaughtering 400,000 victims, displacing 2.5 million more, using forced starvation as a weapon of war, and impeding access of humanitarian aid to the 50% of Darfurians that are now reliant on assistance; and

WHEREAS, the Sudanese government and janjaweed militias have continued their attacks despite the Darfur Peace Agreement; and

WHEREAS, the Darfur crisis represents the first time the US Congress, State Department, or President have declared a genocide while atrocities are ongoing; and

WHEREAS, certain international companies operating in Sudan bring significant revenue, cover, and arms to the Sudanese government while providing little benefit to the majority of Sudan’s citizens; and

WHEREAS, Khartoum has funneled the majority of foreign direct investment from these “offending” companies into military expenditures used to perpetuate the genocide while neglecting needed development projects in the Darfur region; and

WHEREAS, the government of Sudan has a history of remedying egregious behavior in response to economic pressure; and

WHEREAS, the current Sudan divestment movement now encompasses nearly 100 universities, cities, states, and private pension plans; and

WHEREAS, the divestment movement has already gained the attention of the Sudanese government and altered the behavior of some companies operating in Sudan;

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility and duty of the students of the University of Missouri System, University administration, and student, local, and state governments to uphold a moral code which mandates the denunciation and active effort against acts of genocide, repression, and infringement of the most essential of human rights, wherever they may occur; and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri System currently maintains an investment pool of over $800 million, and therefore has the possible ability to actively contribute to mounting economic pressure upon the governing bodies of the Darfur region;

THEREFORE, be it resolved, that the student population of the University of Missouri System calls upon The University of Missouri Board of Curators to examine the University of Missouri’s retirement investment funds, endowment funds, and short-term investment pool for the University of Missouri’s funds that are being invested in “offending” companies operating in Sudan and,

THEREFORE, that if it is found that the University of Missouri’s funds are being invested in offending companies operating in the Sudan, the University of Missouri Board of Curators should divest public securities related to offending companies or the government of Sudan, excluding public securities held in actively managed, commingled/pooled accounts or securities where no financially equivalent alternative is available. Moreover, The University of Missouri Board of Curators should declare that it, or its investment managers, will not make further investments in offending companies until the Sudanese government stops its military and militia forces from committing genocide.

Respectfully Submitted,

Andrew R. Cafourek Taylor McKinney
MSA Vice President MSA Senator

Greg Davis Claudia Liddle
RHA President STAND:Mizzou