University of Missouri

46-62: A Resolution in Opposition of Missouri House Bill 213

Purpose: To present a unified student opinion regarding Missouri House Bill 213.

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association represents the voice of the undergraduate student body through MSA Senate and thus represents an appropriate variety of all undergraduate constituencies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and

WHEREAS, the MSA has a responsibility to advocate for educational, social, and professional resources for a well-rounded educational experience, and

WHEREAS, a free exchange of ideas between students and faculty is the key to learning on a college campus, and

WHEREAS, this free exchange of ideas fosters debate, sponsors new ideas, exposes students to previously unexplored concepts, and forces students to challenge themselves and one another, and

WHEREAS, restrictions on what content is taught in the classroom, what subjects are open to debate and what ideas we as students can be exposed to would hamper the education students receive at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and

WHEREAS, HB 213 impedes the ability of faculty members and students to discuss new, controversial, or political ideas and seeks to intimidate professors from encouraging free and open debate, and

WHEREAS, Schools in Missouri already have guidelines for faculty to follow the standards of academic freedom and have procedures and policies for students to file complaints about faculty or to dispute a grade, and

WHEREAS, there are already standards in place that deal with inappropriate behavior of a professor or instructor, and

WHEREAS, this bill resembles David Horowitz’s Academic Bill of Rights that has been defeated in nearly 20 states.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association Senate respectfully opposes Missouri House Bill 213, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that MSA calls upon administrators to maintain the University of Missouri-Columbia as an open marketplace of ideas where free expression is exercised and where diverse views are expressed and debate of those ideas is encouraged.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlie Calvin Kelley Robinson
MSA Senator at-large Senator at-large

Bria Scudder Jabari Turner
FourFront Cochair LBC President