University of Missouri

46-61: A Resolution Supporting the General Implementation of the Degree Audit Reporting System

Purpose: To encourage all University of Missouri academic departments to utilize and implement the updated Degree Audit Report System (DARS) to benefit the student population.

WHEREAS, DARS allows students to plan their course schedule by viewing completed and remaining requirements for their degree and,`

WHEREAS, DARS permits students to view individual GPAs for each degree requirement and,

WHEREAS, DARS provides students with academic history of individual coursework from the University of Missouri and other academic institutions of higher education and explains how select credits transfer into UMC credits and,

WHEREAS, DARS allows both advisors and students to prepare themselves prior to an academic advising appointment by incorporating a focus on identification of courses that have yet to be fulfilled within a particular degree requirement, and

WHEREAS, The Missouri Students Association hopes that this advanced preparation through DARS will thereby enhance and supplement advising appointments by allowing both students and advisors to focus on actual class selection during advising appointments as opposed to identification of classes yet to be taken,

WHEREAS, After consulting with DARS Administrator, Dale Wilcox, the system could be easily implemented across the University of Missouri system, and

WHEREAS, Students have voiced their concern on numerous occasions to fix the former system, and

THEREFORE, Be it resolved MSA highly encourages each department to implement and utilize the DARS system to further assist students in academic planning, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA highly encourages students to use the resources presented to them by the University of Missouri, such as DARS, to better plan their academic future.

Respectfully submitted,

Rachel Anderson Miller Stoll Eric Schneider
MSA President Student Affairs Chair MSA Senator
BEC Executive Chair

Jonathan Mays Jim Kelley Corey Gibson
MSA Speaker Academic Affairs Operations Chair