University of Missouri

46-59: An Act to Amend the Financial Responsibility of a Slate when Fined Out of an Election

Purpose: To clarify a slates final financial responsibility when a slate fines out of a campaign

WHEREAS, In a campaign that a slate has committed acts of a questionable nature, and

WHEREAS, These acts have been brought before and proven to the Board of Election Commissioners, and

WHEREAS, The Slate has been punished for the acts by the Board of Election Commissioners, by having fines and points assessed against them, and the punishment amounts to a sufficient amount to push the Slate out of the campaign, and

WHEREAS, The Slate has been proven to have committed acts that damage the property of another, and

WHEREAS, The Slate would normally be assessed a fine for the infraction, if the Slate were not forced out of the campaign, and

THEREFORE, Be it enacted that a Slate that has been fined out of a campaign, no longer be financially responsible for the monetary fine that forced them out of the campaign, however the slate shall be financially responsible for any damage done to another slate’s property.

Respectfully submitted,

Justin Ginter

Elections Review Chair

Jim Kelley

Academic Affairs Chair

Marissa Sharkey

BEC Exec

Trevor Flannigan

Academic Affaris

Miller Stoll

Student Affairs Chair

Ian Krause

Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

BEC Exec

Daniel Permuter

Academic Affairs

Corey Gibson

Operations Chair

David Blair

Academic Affairs

Bruce Hall


Garret Schmidt

Student Affairs