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46-58: An Act to Change the BEC Process of Updating Slate Campaign Websites to one of Notification

PURPOSE: To change the BEC elections handbook rules regarding the updating of campaign websites subsequent to the initial website launch

WHEREAS, Campaign time is valuable to slates, who need to be able to update websites at any time, and;

WHEREAS, Campaign websites are constantly updating with new and time relevant information throughout the process of elections, and;

WHEREAS, It is currently difficult to find two BEC members to approve website updates at all hours of the day, and;

WHEREAS, current form of submissions to the BEC regarding frequent website updates become overwhelming due to volume during the process of elections, and;

WHEREAS, Replacing the current system would not be difficult and would be much more efficient, and;

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the BEC, with the help of the MSA webmaster, will create an online submission program for website changes accessible any time of day. The submissions would then require the approval of two BEC members. In the case that one of the members finds the changes made improper, the slate will be requested to change it immediately, as well as become subject to fines as outlined by the BEC elections handbook and the addition to be added below. The following will be added to the BEC handbook, at the end of section VI:

VI. Website

Prior to changes to an internet site, the slate must notify the BEC through the use of the online submission program. From the time BEC reads the notification, a 24 hour grace period is established in order for the slate to fix any problems without being fined. Fines may be levied if the changes are not implemented in the allotted 24 hours. In addition, if the BEC determines that the change is blatantly improper, a fine may be immediately applied to the slate.

Respectfully submitted,

Justin Ginter

Elections Review Chair

Jim Kelley

Academic Affairs Chair

Marissa Sharkey

BEC Exec

Trevor Flannigan

Academic Affaris

Miller Stoll

Student Affairs Chair

Ian Krause

Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

BEC Exec

Daniel Permuter

Academic Affairs

Corey Gibson

Operations Chair

David Blair

Academic Affairs

Bruce Hall


Garret Schmidt

Student Affairs