University of Missouri

46-55: An Act to Update Elections Certification as Outlined in the Bylaws

PURPOSE: To amend the Elections section of the MSA Bylaws to agree with the Student Court handbook.

WHEREAS, The special committee to review MSA elections is working towards a cohesive set of rules that allow for Student Court to correlate directly with both MSA and BEC guidelines, and

WHEREAS, The Student Court handbook currently allows for “a reasonable amount of time” in which the justices can hear oral arguments, and

WHEREAS, The existing Bylaws do not allow appropriate time for cases to be feasibly heard in the event that a sanction be given up to the time of the election, and

WHEREAS, Given the dates of future elections, an extended time period would permit the Student Court to more effectively hear both arguments, and

THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 5 (Association Election Laws) of the bylaws be amended:

(1) The slate of candidates which receives the largest number of votes among the slates of candidates who have not been disqualified shall be elected provided that slate received at least 35 percent of all votes.
A majority of the BEC, which majority must be composed of the three members of the BEC Executive Board and at least one other member, shall certify the result of all elections to the Speaker of the Senate no earlier than 12:00pm, two days after the date of the election, and no later than 5:00pm, eight days after the date of the election. ten days after the date of the election. If classes are not in session on this date, the third day classes are in session after the latter date shall be the certification deadline.

Respectfully submitted,

Justin Ginter

Elections Review Chair

Jim Kelley

Academic Affairs Chair

Marissa Sharkey

BEC Exec

Trevor Flannigan

Academic Affaris

Miller Stoll

Student Affairs Chair

Ian Krause

Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

BEC Exec

Daniel Permuter

Academic Affairs

Corey Gibson

Operations Chair

David Blair

Academic Affairs

Bruce Hall


Garret Schmidt

Student Affairs