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46-54: An Act to Update the Election Forms section of the Bylaws

PURPOSE: To alter the Elections section of the Bylaws to complement the amendments suggested by the elections review special committee.

WHEREAS, The aforementioned committee suggests the instatement of online submission forms via a BEC website, and

WHEREAS, The creation and execution of such website is not congruent with the current text of the Bylaws, and

WHEREAS, Various dates in the Bylaws conflict with that of other suggested rules, and

WHEREAS, The committee suggests the removal of Election Form 9 from the list of required forms, and

WHEREAS, The entire submission process by which slates can turn in forms and cite alterations to their campaign materials is being revised, and

THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 5 (Association Election Laws) of the bylaws be amended to reflect the text below:

(A) LIMITS OF CAMPAIGNING—The provisions under this section shall govern limits in campaign practices in general elections by candidates and their campaigns. None of these provisions shall apply to caucuses or meetings, attended primarily by election workers and held to nominate, adopt policy, or conduct business relating to internal affairs of the slate.
(1) PUBLIC APPEARANCES—No campaigning by public appearance at any meeting having a primary purpose that is the promotion of the candidate shall take place prior to 12:01 a.m. 45 days prior to the date of election.
(2) LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION AND PURCHASING OF MEDIA—No campaigning, by distribution of political literature or by the use of purchased verbal or printed media, shall take place prior to 12:01 a.m. 30 days 45 days prior to the date of the election.
(3) WEBSITES—No campaigning, either by establishment of a campaign website or by advertisement of a campaign on a personal website, shall take place prior to 12:01 a.m. 45 days prior to the date of the election.
(B) PROPERTY DESTRUCTION—Any slate, organization, or individual campaigning in any election shall be responsible for any damage to or defacement of another slate’s campaign materials committed by someone involved with their own campaign. Any property damage or defacement must be filed in written form with the BEC within 24 hours following the alleged occurrence. The BEC shall assess the fair market value of any damaged or defaced property to the campaign expense of any slate or individual candidate found by the BEC to have damaged or defaced the stated property. This section is not to be construed so as to prohibit legal or disciplinary action to be taken by the proper judiciary body concerning such incidents.
(C) SUBMISSION OF CAMPAIGN MATERIAL—Each slate shall be required to submit a copy or transcript of all campaigning material to the BEC on Election Form 5 before the material is made public. Section 5.60 (F) outlines the submission process by which such approval needs to be made. Prior to hanging campaign material in non-bulletin board areas, slates must first submit Election Form 10 to the BEC.
(D) CAMPUS MEDIA—Campus media, when used in this chapter means student newspapers radio, television, or other printed or verbal media.
(1) All people actively campaigning or distributing materials for a slate of candidates that has fulfilled the requirements of Section 5.10(B) shall be listed on Election Form 9.
(2) Each slate of candidates shall file a copy of Election Form 9 with the BEC at least 29 days prior to the date of the election, and the addition of any campaign workers to the campaign shall require the filing of an additional copy of Election Form 9 on the Monday following the worker first joining the campaign.

(A) The BEC shall have the power to create and nullify an election form with the approval of the Senate Operations Committee. The BEC may change existing forms with the approval of the Senate Operations Committee. A copy of all valid election forms shall be filed with the Clerk of the Senate. The initial submission must be turned in a hard copy form. Any following submissions may be completed via the BEC Form Submission website.
(1) Form 1 — Description of Depository
(2) Form 2 — Sources of Income
(3) Form 3 — List of Expenditures
(4) Form 4 — Final Financial Report
(5) Form 5 — Reports of Campaign Material
(6) Form 6 — Election Business Compliance Form
(7) Form 7 — Acknowledgment of Sponsorship
(8) Form 8 — Candidate Eligibility and Handbook Receipt
(9) Form 8A — Nominating Petition
(10) Form 9 — Campaign Workers List
(11) Form 10 – Posting of Campaign Materials
(C) Election forms (with the exception of Forms 8 and 8A) must be signed by either the presidential or vice-presidential candidate submitting the form, before being submitted to the BEC. Form 8 must be signed by both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
(D) All election forms can be submitted to any member of the BEC, and (with the exception of Form 8A) are signed by that member as evidence of receipt. The BEC member’s signature or electronic approval on Form 5 is also evidence of approval of campaign material to be distributed.
(1) All deadlines for election forms shall be at 5:00pm, and shall be on the day specified in these bylaws unless 5.60(E)(2) or 5.60(E)(3) applies.
(2) If any deadline for submission of an election form falls on a Sunday, that deadline shall be adjusted so that the new deadline shall be the following Monday, unless classes would not be in session that day, in which case, the adjustment in section 3 shall be used instead.
(3) If any deadline for submission of an election form falls on a weekday that classes are not in session, or on a Saturday, that deadline shall be adjusted so that the new deadline shall be the first weekday, previous to the original deadline, that classes are in session.
(4) Weekly electronic submission deadlines may be set by the BEC and made known to the candidates at the start of election time.
(1) Following the initial hard copy submission, election forms may be submitted online to be approved by two members of the BEC, one of which must be an executive member.
(2) If one executive member of the BEC denies the submission request for a valid reason, a sub sequent hard copy must then be submitted before the form may be officially accepted.
(3) Once approval is granted and the slate and the BEC have received confirmation of the approval via an automatic email from the website, the form is then considered official documentation.
(4) Any alteration, addition, modification, etc. to campaign material may be submitted via hard copy or online through the BEC’s Form 5 process.

Respectfully submitted,

Justin Ginter

Elections Review Chair

Jim Kelley

Academic Affairs Chair

Marissa Sharkey

BEC Exec

Trevor Flannigan

Academic Affaris

Miller Stoll

Student Affairs Chair

Ian Krause

Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

BEC Exec

Daniel Permuter

Academic Affairs

Corey Gibson

Operations Chair

David Blair

Academic Affairs

Bruce Hall


Garret Schmidt

Student Affairs