University of Missouri

46-52: An Act to Adjust the Fine System of the BEC Handbook

PURPOSE: To amend section XIV of the BEC Handbook in order to fine slates in a severity that is more equal to the infraction as recommended by the Elections Review committee.

WHEREAS, Some of the language in the Rules of Procedure for Complaints and Fines of the BEC Handbook is vague, and

WHEREAS, The aforementioned committee feels that a fine being levied for the first time a member of a slate is late to a meeting is severe, and

WHEREAS, there is no current fine regarding the obstruction of another slate’s campaign materials, and

WHEREAS, there is no current fine for failure to remove materials as prescribed by the BEC, and

WHEREAS, the fine system should reflect a maximum limit, rather than a minimum to ensure fairness to candidates, and

THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Section XIV Rules of Procedure for Complaints and Fines of the BEC Handbook be amended to reflect the text below:

Minor – $25 – 1point

– Late forms – within 24 hours of deadline
– Second time late/absent for a meeting – within 5 minutes of meeting official start time (this allows one late/absent per slate without consequence)
– Mistaken information on a BEC form
– After 3 minor violations, each consequent violation will automatically be at the intermediate level.

Intermediate – $75 – 2points

– Failure to submit campaign material and/or notify the BEC of any changes prior to making that material public. This includes changing any significant aspect of advertisement. “Significant” will be defined by the BEC and may include but is not limited to: changing, adding, or removing text, logos, colors, or the overall design.
– Late forms – more than 24 hours
– Third time missed/absent for a meeting – later than 5 minutes
– Purposeful falsification of official BEC documents/forms. (“Purposeful” must be agreed upon by all BEC Exec).
– Using university office or supplies for campaigning
o (including but not limited to: phones, computers, desk, ect.)
– Impeding and/or obstruction of another’s campaign materials or property
– Failure to remove campaign material with 12 hours of BEC instruction (BEC can fine once again if material is not removed after 12 hours have elapsed).

Major – $125 – 4 points

– Failure to submit forms before next week’s forms are due (the next Monday at 4:00pm)
o This means even if they are late, you must turn them in before your next round of forms.
– Destruction of another’s campaign materials or other property. (compensation will be added to the fine).
– Campaigning before 45 days
o Please see the section dedicated to this violation for more specifics
– Sending mass e-mails via University accounts.
– Violations of Residential Life policies or the M-Book
– Slander of libel of other candidates

This is only a general guideline for election fines, noting the maximum fine for each offense. The Student Court is the decider for guilt and sentencing; however fines may only be lowered and not increased by the courts.

Respectfully submitted,

Justin Ginter

Elections Review Chair

Jim Kelley

Academic Affairs Chair

Marissa Sharkey

BEC Exec

Trevor Flannigan

Academic Affaris

Miller Stoll

Student Affairs Chair

Ian Krause

Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

BEC Exec

Daniel Permuter

Academic Affairs

Corey Gibson

Operations Chair

David Blair

Academic Affairs

Bruce Hall


Garret Schmidt

Student Affairs