University of Missouri

46-51: A Resolution For The Acknowledgment of April as Cancer Control Month

Purpose: To present a unified student opinion and demonstrate student support for the acknowledgment of April as Cancer Control Month.

WHEREAS, Every year since 1938, the president has proclaimed April Cancer Control Month to highlight advances against cancer and rededicate the nation to fighting this disease, and

WHEREAS, President Bush recently commented, “Cancer Control Month is an opportunity to educate all Americans about cancer, to raise awareness about treatments, and to renew our commitment to fighting this deadly disease, and

WHEREAS, In 2005, the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute launched the Cancer Genome Atlas, a revolutionary research project to help scientists understand the genetic sources of cancer. The discoveries from this project have the potential to bring about rapid advances in cancer research, and

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri-Columbia held the Relay for Life event on April 14-15 and raised almost $107,000 to help fight cancer. This total adds up to be more than $14,000 of the amount raised in the previous year, and

WHEREAS, Thirty years ago, there were only 3 million cancer survivors, and today there are more than 10 million, and

WHEREAS, Cancer related deaths have declined for two consecutive years, and

WHEREAS, April is a time to remember those lost to cancer and celebrate those who have survived, and

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association respectfully states that they stand in full-unified support for the acknowledgment of April as Cancer Control Month.

Respectfully Submitted,

TJ McKenna Rachel Anderson
Senator Off-Campus MSA President

Ryen Cooper
Senator Off-Campus