University of Missouri

46-5: An Act to Update Legislative Bylaws for the Winter 2007 Senate Election

Purpose: To specify guidelines for the campus-wide Senate elections in April 2007.


WHEREAS, MSA Senate is moving to a new method of electing Senators from their academic colleges for the Winter 2007 semester, and


WHEREAS, The current Chapter 2 (Legislative Branch) bylaws have not been updated for the upcoming elections.


THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 2 of the Senate bylaws be amended:


(A) The Senate will be composed of 71 undergraduate students.

(B) ACADEMIC COLLEGE SENATORS – As stated in the MSA Constitution, 50 seats will be reserved proportionally by the percent of total enrollment of each Undergraduate Degree Program. The total undergraduate enrollment as defined by the University of Missouri – Columbia will be determined on the 21st day of the winter semester by the Board of Elections Commissioners.

(1) The Undergraduate Degree Programs, as defined by the University of Missouri are as follows: College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AF&NR), College of Arts and Science (A&S), College of Business (BUS), College of Education (EDUC), College of Engineering (ENGR) , School of Health Professions (HP), College of Human Environmental Sciences (HES), School of Journalism (JOURN), School of Natural Resources (NAT R), School of Nursing (NURS), and School of Social Work (SO WK).

(2) If any seats are not filled at time of election, up to 10 will be designated At-Large. The rest will remain empty until the next session elections.

(C) SENATORS AT-LARGE – 20 seats will be open to an At-Large election, unless any seats are not filled by Senators representing their academic colleges, in which case the total at-large seats will be up to 30.

(1) PROCEDURE – Each candidate for Senator-At-Large shall place his or her name in nomination at the first regular MSA Senate meeting of the session. At the discretion of the Legislative cabinet, the election will take place after each candidate has been given the opportunity to speak before the Senate for up to 1 minute.

(2) ELECTION – A Senator shall be elected by a plurality of the vote of the Senators present. Elections for Senators At-Large shall continue at each Senate meeting until all seats are filled.

(3) PROCEDURE FOR A TIE—In the event of a tie between two or more Senate candidates, each candidate will be given the option of speaking for one additional minute before the Senate. The Senate will then vote again for those persons in the tie. If there is another tie vote, the tie will fall to the Speaker.

(D) The remaining seat will be reserved for the Speaker in accordance with the MSA Constitution.

2.25 FILLING VACANCIES—A Senator who resigns or is removed from office in accordance with 2.20(B) shall have his or her seat declared vacant. Vacant Senator-at-Large seats will be filled at a special orders of the day at the first MSA Senate meeting following the declaration of vacancy in accordance with 2.10(C)(2). All new Senators shall have terms in accordance with 2.15. If a Senator elected in the spring election resigns or is purged, their seat remains empty for the rest of the session until the next spring election.

Michelle Compton Jonathan Mays Taylor McKinney

BEC Chair Operations Chair Operations Committee