University of Missouri

46-48: An Act to Administratively Formalize the Structure of MSA Auxiliaries and the Executive Branch

PURPOSE: To establish formal relationships between the nine MSA Auxiliaries and the MSA Executive Departments.

WHEREAS, there is no formal structure by which the MSA Executive Departments work with the Association’s nine Auxiliaries, and

WHEREAS, Executive Department and Auxiliary directors have requested bylaws outlining their relationships in order to establish ground rules for reporting and accountability in accordance with proposed salary institutions, and

WHEREAS, MSA cooperates with the Department of Student Life to provide oversight for staff-run auxiliaries.

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 1 (Executive Department) of the bylaws be updated:
1.60 (F)
(2) REPORTING STRUCTURE – Staff-run auxiliaries will work with the following Executive Departments by scheduling monthly meetings with Department directors to establish student input in auxiliary services and Association goals for each auxiliary
(a) Craft Studio – Department of Student Services
(b) MSA/GPC Box Office – Department of Student Activities
(c) Rape Education Office – Department of Student Services
(d) Student Design Center – Department of Student Communication
(e) Student Legal Services – Department of Student Services
(f) Tech Crew – Department of Student Activities
1.60 (G)
(1) (e) REMOVAL OF A STUDENT-RUN AUXILIARY DIRECTOR – The Director of a Student-run Auxiliary may be removed by the director of its associated Executive Department only with the consent and approval of the MSA President.
(2) REPORTING STRUCTURE – Student-run auxiliaries will report at least monthly to the following executive departments:
(a) KCOU – Department of Student Communication
(b) MUTV– Department of Student Communication
(c) STRIPES – Department of Student Services.
Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays Andrew Cafourek
MSA Senate Speaker MSA Vice President