University of Missouri

46-47: Articles of Cooperation with RHA

PURPOSE: To establish Articles of Cooperation with the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

WHEREAS, RHA governs through the educational and social programming and policy-making decisions for the representation of students residing in the residence halls, and

WHEREAS, RHA also facilitates communications between the residents and the Department of Residential Life, university administration, and other organizations, and

WHEREAS, MSA has a responsibility to ensure that the voice of the student body is heard in all settings and that the rights of students are protected, and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of both MSA and RHA to have an established relationship because it ensures MSA and RHA’s ability to meet the needs of students, and

WHEREAS, the proposed Articles of Cooperation will help both organizations achieve their goals, and

WHEREAS, the proposed Articles of Cooperation will ensure consistency in the relationship between MSA and RHA.

THEREFORE, let the proposed Articles of Cooperation between MSA and RHA be enacted and entered into MSA’s bylaws and the appropriate section of RHA’s bylaws upon passage by both MSA and RHA.


(1) EXECUTIVE AND LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS: To ensure communication between the Missouri Students Association (MSA) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA), the President of RHA, the President of MSA, and the Speaker of MSA shall meet at least twice during both the fall and winter semesters to discuss planned referenda by either government, position statements, policy decisions, inter-organizational workings, and the composition of internal and external committees, or any other business. In addition to these meetings, they may meet at any time deemed necessary. By-laws of each organization shall have specific language requiring their officers to attend these meetings.
(2) MINUTES AND LEGISLATION: MSA and RHA shall send copies of the minutes, programming events, and passed legislation of their senate meetings to the presiding officer of the other legislative body. MSA and RHA shall send copies of their agendas for Senate and Congress meetings respectively within a week of the meetings. The Director of the Department of Student Activities, Student Services, or Department of Student Communications shall send the President of RHA a list of events, plans, and activities they will put on monthly.
(1) The RHA President shall have a seat reserved on the MSA Senate Cabinet.
(2) MSA and RHA shall also have the ability to appoint liaisons to each respective policy making bodies as deemed appropriate by the executive and legislative officers of both respective organizations.
(3) A permanent liaison position for RHA Congress shall be in place for an MSA representative assigned by the President of MSA.

(1) RATIFICATION AND REVIEW: Upon receiving a two-thirds vote in both the MSA Senate and RHA Congress, these Articles of Cooperation shall be adopted immediately and will be reviewed for accuracy and relevancy at least every three years or as deemed necessary by the executive and legislative officers of either respective organization.
(2) AMENDMENT PROCEDURE: To change the Articles of Cooperation, both the MSA Senate and the RHA Congress must ratify the proposed change by a two-thirds majority vote.
(3) WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE: Either MSA or RHA may withdraw from these Articles of Cooperation at any time by a two-thirds majority vote by their respective legislative bodies.

Respectfully submitted,

Corey Gibson Greg Davis Jonathan Mays
Operations Chair President Speaker

Rachel Anderson Robb Loran Nick Trusty
President Director of the DSS Director of the DSA

Amanda King
Director of the DSC