University of Missouri

46-46: A Resolution to Facilitate an MU Sustainability Plan

PURPOSE: To support the Environmental Affairs Committee’s recommendation to create an ad hoc committee under the Provost’s office with the charge of drafting and executing a campus-wide sustainability plan, and to form an online hub for all conservation activities on campus.

WHEREAS, The Environmental Affairs Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Provost on the development of policies for environmental issues and to develop formal and informal mechanisms for improved education to enhance environmental awareness, and

WHEREAS, EAC has compiled a report, “The Impacts of Campus Activities on the Environment,” annually since 2003, and

WHEREAS, EAC has noted the successful conservation efforts of Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator Steve Burdic, Environmental Health and Safety Director Peter Ashbrook, the Campus Facilities Departments of Energy Management, Planning, Design and Construction, and Landscape Services, Campus Dining Services, Residential Life, the Energy Conservation Task Force, and Sustain Mizzou, and,

WHEREAS, Campus Facilities created the Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator position in 2004 with partial funding from a grant by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and

WHEREAS, Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator Steve Burdic is currently managing the university’s first benefit rummage sale, Tiger Treasures, and

WHEREAS, Tiger Treasures offers students the opportunity to recycle clothing, carpets, bedding, athletic equipment, computers, appliances, furniture, non-perishable food, and cleaning supplies instead of throwing them away at the end of the semester, and

WHEREAS, Tiger Treasures will sell the items it collects on June 2 with proceeds benefiting the Salvation Army, and

WHEREAS, Environmental Health and Safety provides students and staff with Biological, Hazardous Material, Industrial Hygiene/Occupational, and Radiation Safety services, as well as general leadership in providing a safe and healthful environment, and

WHEREAS, Environmental Health and Safety Director Peter Ashbrook chairs the Non-motorized Transportation Advisory Committee, which presented its work on the city of Columbia’s Pednet bicycle path program to MSA Senate on March 6 and 7, and

WHEREAS, Energy Management provides services for campus buildings and University Hospital and Clinics, and

WHEREAS, Energy Management has received national awards from Energy Star and the Environmental Protection Agency for its conservation initiatives, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1% over a fifteen year period in which the campus gross square footage grew by 59% and campus energy use grew by 34%, and

WHEREAS, Planning, Design & Construction plans, designs, and builds new structures and renovates, repairs, and replaces existing facilities, and

WHEREAS, Planning, Design & Construction has developed a Sustainable Design Policy with specifications for water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality, and its projects strive to achieve USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards, and

WHEREAS, Landscape Services is responsible for implementing the campus landscape master plan, maintaining grounds and landscape for most of campus, litter collection, snow removal, and the campus trash removal contract, and

WHEREAS, Landscape Services has moved exclusively to high-grade synthetic and organic fertilizer, minimizing chemical runoffs, and continues to maintain recycling bins in residence halls and campus buildings, as well as event recycling bins that are funded by a Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District H Grant, and

WHEREAS, Campus Dining Services started a pilot project to serve local apples from Mid-Missouri orchards in 2005, which later formed the CDS Farm to College program that emphasizes local and organic food options to minimize pesticide use and pollution during transportation, and

WHEREAS, Residential Life started a four-year program in Spring 2005 to add recycling containers to the exterior of all residence halls and parking lots, and

WHEREAS, The Energy Conservation Task Force was commissioned by Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Jackie Jones to recommend changes to campus operations that will save money and conserve resources, and

WHEREAS, Sustain Mizzou has been the primary organization for student environmental action on campus since 2003, and currently compiles an annual Impacts report and organizes Local Food Drives, educational bike fairs, and other conservation activities, and

WHEREAS, Despite the numerous individual achievements of these campus departments and student initiatives, a comprehensive sustainability plan does not yet exist, and

WHEREAS, A comprehensive sustainability plan will improve cooperation among campus departments and with environmentally concerned students, and

WHEREAS, EAC has drafted a letter to Provost Foster requesting the creation of an ad hoc committee to draft a comprehensive sustainability plan in which all parties would participate under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Jones and the Provost’s office.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association endorses the creation and adoption of a comprehensive sustainability plan, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA encourages Provost Foster to form a committee consisting of faculty, staff, and MSA, Residence Halls Association, and Graduate Professional Council student representatives, as well as ex-officio support from EAC and any other interested campus sustainability entity, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the proposed ad hoc committee will develop specific and attainable goals with a realistic timeline for implementation in the following areas:

1) Campus operations and the climate (set goal-date for zero net impact on climate),

2) Resource Recovery and recycling (set goals for as near a “waste-free” campus as is possible),

3) Green Building (set strengthened goals for the implementation into the design of new buildings energy and water conservation features as well as sufficient facilities for recycling and management of waste),

4) Transportation (set goals for mitigation of some negative impacts of automobiles on campus, facilitating public and non-motorized transportation),

5) Procurement (set goals for environmentally responsible procurement policies),

6) Become signatory to the Talloires Declaration for sustainable campuses and the Presidents’ Climate Commitment,

7) Promote environmental awareness and literacy among all parties on campus.

8) Promote green initiatives and efficiencies to interested constituencies beyond campus (consider potential impacts on student recruiting, legislative funding, and development),

9) Promote the significant research opportunities entailed in campus environmental projects (involve Life Sciences and related academic divisions),

10) Develop Missouri’s leadership and guidance role (involve Extension in resource recovery and composting procedures),
11) Involve and develop student constituencies,

12) Integrate education, research, and extension activities of the campus infrastructure as a sustainability laboratory and showplace, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that these goals may be amended at the discretion of the Provost and the proposed ad hoc committee, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the MSA President will appoint student representatives to the proposed ad hoc committee after a petitioning period of no less than 7 days and no more than 30 days as per section 1.30(B) of the MSA Senate bylaws, with the petitioning period beginning immediately after the formation of the committee, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA representatives on the proposed ad hoc committee will file reports with the MSA President no later than 7 days following a meeting of the committee, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the composition and timetable for progress of the proposed ad hoc committee will be considered at the first meeting between the executive and legislative officers of MSA and LBC following the creation of the committee, as per the “position statements, policy decisions, inter-organizational workings, and the composition of internal and external committees” clause of section 6.30(A) of the MSA Senate bylaws, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA and GPC will follow the same procedure as per section 6.31(A), and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that a similar arrangement with RHA will be detailed in Articles of Cooperation between MSA and RHA that are currently being drafted, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA will create and maintain an accessible online site for all campus sustainability issues in cooperation with EAC, Campus Facilities, Environmental Studies, Campus Dining Services, Residential Life, Sustain Mizzou, and the city of Columbia, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the sustainability site will tentatively be located at, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the sustainability site will include static information on each department’s conservation procedures as well as regularly updated details of sustainability events and initiatives on and around campus, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA will fund an initial layout for the sustainability site through the Student Design Center, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that the sustainability site will be operational within six months of the creation of a comprehensive sustainability plan by the proposed ad hoc committee.

EXECUTION CLAUSE: Upon passage this resolution shall be sent to Provost Brian Foster and Environmental Affairs Committee Chairman Dan Hooley.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Mays Rachel Anderson Andrew Cafourek
MSA Senate Speaker MSA President MSA Vice President

Jennifer Holland Greg Davis Jabari Turner
GPC President RHA President LBC President

Ben Datema Brendan Webber Jim Kelley
Sustain Mizzou President Campus and Community Academic Affairs Chair
Relations Chair

Chelsea Johnson Corey Gibson Miller Stoll
Budget Chair Operations Chair Student Affairs Chair