University of Missouri

46-45: A Resolution Affirming Support for Timely Textbook Adoption Practices

PURPOSE: To voice the generally understood consensus that both university faculty
and students benefit from the timely submission of textbook adoptions to the University
WHEREAS, the University Bookstore establishes term deadlines directed at faculty
members pertaining to textbook adoption submissions for their classes, and
WHEREAS, while many faculty members and departments consistently meet these
submission deadlines, many others do not, and
WHEREAS, textbook orders placed through the University Bookstore after the
submission deadline adversely impact the value of many textbooks returned by students
at the close of each semester and reduce the availability of lower-cost textbooks to
students, and
WHEREAS, textbook orders placed after the submission deadline may result in a
student’s inability to obtain the required textbook(s) in a timely manner, and
WHEREAS, in the past, Missouri Students Association/Academic Affairs-sponsored
initiatives to encourage faculty members and departments to comply with textbook
submission deadlines have yielded substantially positive results for students in terms of
textbook value and general availability.
ASSOCIATION SENATE that support for an immediate initiative to encourage faculty
members and departments to comply with textbook adoption deadlines established by the
University Bookstore is hereby affirmed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Daniel A. Permuter Jim Kelley
Vice-Chairman Chairman
Academic Affairs Committee Academic Affairs Committee