University of Missouri

46-44: An Act to Replace the Craft Studio GA position with an Office Support Staff III Position

Purpose: This act will replace the previously appointed 2007-2008 fiscal year GA position with an Office Support Staff III position.


Whereas, the current Coordinator is currently working around 50 hours a week, and


Whereas, there is an immediate need for an office support position that would be mainly responsible for clerical/official assistant tasks, and


Whereas, GA’s are most valuable in project-based positions in which they are given a specific problem to solve, event to create, or program to oversee; and would likely not be interested in the currently required duties, and


Whereas, some of the main tasks the office support position would take on include: advertising for exhibitions by artists, processing contracts, placing and receiving orders for supplies, recording CRRs, maintaining a filing system, creating vouchers, completing employment paperwork, training work study students for various tasks in the Craft Studio, organizing conferences and events, and creating a weekly schedule for all Craft Studio employees, and


Whereas, new staff members take at least six months to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be appropriately productive and work independently to fulfill these duties, and


Whereas, the coordinator will have to spend time on training and also take on responsibilities of the new position while training staff, causing a decrease in productivity, and


Whereas, professional staff members generally remain in a job position longer than two years, therefore a professional staff position would require less training time from the coordinator and result in higher productivity, and


Whereas, an office support position will be able to oversee student staff and complete office tasks while the Coordinator is away from the studio, and


Whereas, during the transition of moving to its new location, the office support position will be able to keep the day-to-day tasks up and running.


Therefore, be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that an Office Support III Position replaces the Craft Studio GA Position for the ’07-08 fiscal year.



Respectfully Submitted,

The Budget Committee




Chelsea Johnson Sarah Isenogle Katie Henry

Budget Committee Chair MSA Senator MSA Senator




Brenna Noble Tyler Flaker

MSA Senator MSA Senator