University of Missouri

46-43: An Act To Approve the FY2008 Association Budget

Summary: This act accompanies the FY2008 Association Budget and highlights the significant changes.


Whereas, the Association budget draft is reviewed by the Budget Committee;


Whereas, the Budget Committee meets with department and auxiliary then amends the budget to balance it;


Whereas, Major changes to the budget include the following:

– $9,520 has been added to the Rape Education Budget for the addition of a 9 month GA

– $16,983 has been added to the MSA Operating Budget for increased salaries for MUTV, KCOU, and STRIPES Directors

– The addition of 6 Data ports for new MUTV, Web Programmer and SDC spaces

– Increased Department of Student Communications Travel/Meeting to cover department retreats/conferences, as well as MSA social events, throughout the year

– Increased Department of Student Communications Copy Service/Publication to cover new publication of MSA informational brochure/handbook

– The Student Fee Review Committee budget has been reduced by $265 due to non-use in the previous fiscal year

– Replace Craft Studio Advisor with an OSIII position


Whereas, the Budget Committee is officially submitting the FY2008 budget for Senate review;


Whereas, the attached budget shall be reviewed and passed by the MSA Senate assembled. All amendments to the submitted budget must be fiscally responsible and keep the budget balanced. In addition, upon passage by MSA Senate, this budget must be sent to the Student Life Fiscal Office, along with being approved by SOGA.


Therefore, The following is the Missouri Students Association FY2008 Budget.


Respectfully Submitted,

Student Fee Review Committee




Chelsea Johnson Sarah Isenogle Katie Henry

Budget Committee Chair MSA Senator MSA Senator



Brenna Noble Tyler Flaker

MSA Senator MSA Senator