University of Missouri

46-41: A C&R Request to Upgrade the Lighting Equipment of the MSA/GPC Tech Crew

PURPOSE: To provide MSA/GPC Tech Crew with additional monies to purchase lighting upgrades


WHEREAS, The MSA/GPC tech crew has the ability to generate revenue outside of providing MSA Tech services, and;


WHEREAS, an increase in the lighting capabilities of the MSA/GPC Tech Crew may help expand its possible revenue building potential, and;


WHEREAS, the lighting proposal presented here provides MSA/GPC with the ability to display images such as the MSA/GPC and/or DSA logos on walls during an event, as well as any other image, and;


WHEREAS, the lighting equipment currently in operation is rather old, and out dated and does not provide all of the capabilities this lighting package does, and;


WHEREAS, the lighting equipment outlined here increases the “classiness” and quality of MSA/GPC programming,


THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate to allocate $3000.66 + Shipping to be determined, to provide sufficient funding for the MSA/GPC Tech Crew Lighting upgrade.

Respectfully Submitted,

Andrew Cafourek Nick Trusty

MSA Vice-President Director the Department of Student Activities


Michelle Compton

MSA Senator