University of Missouri

46-40: A Resolution in Support of Training For All of MSA

Purpose statement to create an ad hoc committee for this session and next session, in order to research and implement a training session for each branch of the Missouri Students Association to welcome new appointees, learn protocol and procedures, build trust and respect amongst new members, and stay abreast of campus and multicultural issues.

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri four core values: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence define the mission and philosophy of what we strive toward as members of the Missouri Students association, and


WHEREAS, These core values, the student affairs, and the student welfare issues we address as the campus wide student government should encompass the interest of the multicultural student agenda at the University of Missouri, and


WHEREAS, We, as student leaders, should work hard to ensure that we are representing the student body as a whole as thoroughly as possible as well as staying abreast of the current issues our constituents, auxiliaries, staff, and departments are facing, and


WHEREAS, Recent issues have prompted many organizations campus wide to call into question our interest in what they want as well as our knowledge of our own by-laws and constitution, and


WHEREAS, We have many articles of cooperation, methods of understanding, liaison positions, and overall the essential mechanisms in place to have effective communication that can be improved with careful revision and implementation plans, and


WHEREAS, Many organizations at the University of Missouri have expressed interest in helping us with an in house training such as the Diversity Peer Educators and the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative, and


WHEREAS, Many new Senators and other new appointees have little to truly help them learn the structure, procedures, and rules of the Missouri Students Association, and


WHEREAS, Many members of the Missouri Students Association do not know each other, feel the climate could be changed for the better, and do not enjoy the benefits of a welcoming atmosphere, and


WHEREAS, The Missouri Students Association suffers many problems with accountability and retention rates.


THEREFORE, We recommend the Missouri Students Association have a required training sessions every semester for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, and


THEREFORE, We recommend the training sessions at least once per semester to include a welcome for new appointees of positions, a history of the position and the issues they have faced, and activities to make the members feel more esteemed about their position and take it more seriously, and


THEREFORE, Each branch should take it upon themselves to tailor their program to the kind of issues they work with and the general welfare of not only all students at the University of Missouri but the welfare of their members and positions, and


THEREFORE, let all training include sharing of knowledge of the procedures of the branch, rules, guidelines, expectations, and general operating methods, and


THEREFORE, let all training include an ongoing component wherein all members, staff, and supervisors are trained in multicultural awareness and campus issues, effective training models informant of multicultural competency, and co-curricular needs of a diverse population as well as underrepresented groups, and


THEREFORE, let it be resolved that the Missouri Students Association prioritizes the formation of a caucus for the purpose of planning and implementing an effective and thorough training for its members.


Respectfully submitted,


Afton Anderson

Four Front Co-Chair

Senator At-Large


Charlie Calvin

Triangle Coalition

Senator At-Large


Sameera Ali

Multicultural Issues Chair

Senator Zeta Tau Alpha


Kelley Robinson

Senator At-Large


Amanda King

Department of Student Communications Director


Bria Scudder

Four Front Co-Chair

Senator At-Large