University of Missouri

46-4: A Resolution Supporting the Creation of a Temporary Assistant Position for the Craft Studio

PURPOSE: To support the creation of a Temporary Assistant for the Craft Studio through the end of June 2007.


WHEREAS, In May 2006 MSA Senate passed resolution #45-36, which recommended the removal of the Craft Studio’s Student Advisor position, and,


WHEREAS, The Department of Student Life has confirmed that the Student Advisor position will be removed for the FY08 budget (beginning July 1, 2007), and,


WHEREAS, University Guidelines prevent the Student Advisor or an equivalent position from being created for FY08, and,


WHEREAS, Kelsey Hammond was hired as the new Craft Studio Coordinator on September 5, 2006, and,


WHEREAS, Hammond and Campus Activities Assistant Director Kathy Murray have requested the creation of a Temporary Assistant position to help the Craft Studio transition from an Advisor to a Graduate Assistant and provide guidance for the new Coordinator, and,


WHEREAS, This transition time requires more time than a Graduate Assistant would be able to provide, and,


WHEREAS, The Temporary Assistant will provide support for the creation of forms and assessment protocols in the fields of advertisement, event assessment, day of event procedures, and, gallery shows, which, after creation, will only be used in practice and will not need to be re-created; and,


WHEREAS, The Temporary Assistant will help with cleaning, archiving and creating a filing system, and other such things that have been previously neglected; and,


WHEREAS, The Temporary Assistant will help create lists of contacts, organizations, and other groups with which the Craft Studio can co-program and advertise; and,


WHEREAS, Once completed, these tasks will not need to be repeated, as their creation allows for easier daily maintenance; and,


WHEREAS, The Temporary Assistant will also fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the attached Internal Posting from October 21, 2006, to June 30, 2007.


THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that a Temporary Advisor be hired to prepare the Craft Studio for a new Graduate Assistant in July 2008.



Respectfully Submitted,




Jonathan Mays Michelle Compton

Operations Chair Board of Elections Commissioners Chair