University of Missouri

46-35: A Resolution in Support of Stem Cell Research

PURPOSE: To present a unified student opinion and demonstrate student support for the use of stem cell research. WHEREAS, The Education Committee in our Missouri Senate voted to remove two projects on the University of Missouri-Columbia’s campus because of possible stem cell research that would take place, and WHEREAS, The people in the state of Missouri passed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 back in the November 2006 elections. This Amendment added section 38(d) of Article III and is known as the “Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative”, and

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri is a Research One institution and we should not limit our research opportunities on constitutionally supported issues.


THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association respectfully states that they stand in full-unified support for the use of stem cell research because the people of Missouri voted for it and it should be used effectively to find cures for diseases and injuries.

EXECUTION CLAUSE: Upon passage, The Missouri Students Association will send a copy of this resolution to the appropriate University officials, State Senators, State House of Representatives, and appropriate members of government.

Respectfully Submitted,


TJ McKenna Jonathan Mays

Senator Off-Campus Operations Chair