University of Missouri

46-32: Resolution in Opposition to part of the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority Bill that is before our Missouri General Assembly

Purpose: To present a unified student opinion and demonstrate student opposition to the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority proposal that eliminates more than $100 million in research buildings. WHEREAS, The Missouri Senate Education Committee voted 6-4 to eliminate six buildings valuing about $113 million because of possible stem cell research that would go on in those buildings, and WHEREAS, our State Senator Chuck Graham said that by removing these projects any good that might have come out of the governor’s plan for the MOHELA sale is ruined. Senator Graham also stated that, “These six projects will do more to grow the economy than anything else that’s in there”, and WHEREAS, Chamber of Commerce Chairman Bob Gerding stated, “I’m disappointed that the buildings in Columbia, Missouri, were not included in the legislation. It’s incumbent upon our Senate leadership to take a leadership role and get those buildings back in. If they fail to do that, then Columbia is the loser and the University of Missouri is the loser”, and WHEREAS, Harris-Stowe State University, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and more specifically the University of Missouri-Columbia were the universities involved in this cut, and WHEREAS, The Education Committee cut an $85 million Health Sciences Research and Education Center for the University of Missouri-Columbia, and WHEREAS, The Education Committee also eliminated a $2 million business incubator project at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and WHEREAS, The University of Missouri-Columbia is going to lose out on around $87 million for construction of new buildings of the total $113 million that was cut, and WHEREAS, The University of Missouri-Columbia is affected the most out of the four schools because our $87 million cut is over three-fourths of the total amount of money that has been cut, and

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association respectfully states that they stand in full unified opposition of this part of the bill that eliminates $113 million in funds for buildings and more specifically the two buildings from the University of Missouri-Columbia totaling up around $87 million.


EXECUTION CLAUSE: Upon passage, The MSA will send a copy of this resolution to the appropriate University officials, state Senators on the Education Committee, and State Representatives from the Columbia area.


Respectfully Submitted,


TJ McKenna Jonathan Mays

Senator Off-Campus Operations Chair