University of Missouri

46-29: A Resolution Recommending the Creation of a $3.19 Multicultural/Diversity Student Fee

PURPOSE: To establish a Multicultural/Diversity Student Fee to facilitate cooperation between underrepresented students for the benefit of the entire undergraduate population.
WHEREAS, Diversity is a prominent issue and growing concern on this campus that needs to be addressed, and
WHEREAS, LBC is currently the only minority student government or organization on campus that receives a student fee, and
WHEREAS, The severe lack of funding for minority organizations has limited opportunities for desired events, co-programming, and promoting diversity on campus, and
WHEREAS, The University recognizes The Legion of Black Collegians, the Hispanic American Leadership Organization, the Asian American Students Association, and Triangle Coalition as the official student governments and organizations of their populations, and
WHEREAS, Four Front serves as an umbrella organization to all minority groups on campus and their mission and purpose are directly aligned with the purpose of this fee, and
WHEREAS, All of these organizations expressed the need for a joint fee to facilitate interaction among one another and have the ability to co-program with outside groups such as Student Life, ORG, and committees within MSA, and
WHEREAS, The groups have been divided into proportions based on their representative percentage of the minority population enrollment on campus and the percentage of money they requested and were funded by ORG in previous years,
WHEREAS, We do not want to create a burden for students by increasing student activity fees, and
WHEREAS, ASUM is receiving $1.15 decrease, and
WHEREAS, The inflationary rates from Jesse ($.08) and the Parking Garage ($.27) are not being used, and
WHEREAS, ORG will no longer be funding these groups allowing a reallocation of $.09 that is representative of their contributions to these organizations in previous years, and
WHEREAS, LBC will be receiving funds from this new fee allowing their current fee of $.73 to be rolled over into this fee, and
WHEREAS, MSA will transfer $0.86 of their fee to this new fee due to additional income, and
WHEREAS, The University of Wisconsin and the University of Illinois have had similar fees in place that have functioned successfully for over 20 years, and
WHEREAS, We modeled this fee after those 2 schools with adaptations to cater specifically to our student population, and
WHEREAS, This system would provide for constant checks and balances as the board would review all budgetary actions monthly to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability.
THEREFORE, We recommend that the above fees be reallocated to create a $3.19 Multicultural/Diversity Student Fee, and
THEREFORE, This fee would sit under Student Life and be advised by a Student Life Staff Member, and
THEREFORE, We recommend that bylaws be created by a panel with representatives from each group next semester and be passed by the MSA Senate Body by mid April, and
THEREFORE, We recommend that Articles of Cooperation be set up between this board and the Black Programming Committee and the International Programming Committee, and
THEREFORE, We recommend that this fee be managed by a Multicultural/Diversity Fee Review Board consisting of five members of Four Front and two members each of LBC, HALO, AAA, and TriCo, as well as the chair of SFRC, one member of SFRC, and the director of the Department of Student Activities, all in ex-officio capacity, and
THEREFORE, This board will be appointed through an application process and chosen by the SFRC incoming and outgoing chairs, the Co-Chairs of Four Front, and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and
THEREFORE, if the Diversity Fee is denied, we recommend that the Legion of Black Collegians be allocated at least its current $.70 fee and its annual inflationary increase,
THEREFORE, This board must present their budget and any increase/decrease proposals to SFRC on a yearly basis, and
THEREFORE, We recommend that the fee be divided up with LBC eligible for up to 45%, AAA eligible for up to 20%, HALO eligible for up to 15%, TriCo eligible for up to 5%, and 15% set aside for Four Front.
Respectfully Submitted,

Marianne Clark Robb Loran Chelsea Johnson Jonathan Mays
SFRC Chair Operations Budget Chair Operations Chair

Jabari Turner Rachel Crader Rachel Anderson Charlie Calvin
LBC President Operations MSA President-Elect Triangle Coalition President

Annie Guo Sameera Ali Kelley Robinson Jim Kelley
Asian American Multicultural Issues Special Assistant Academic Affairs Chair
Students Association Chair for Diversity Affairs