University of Missouri

46-28: A Resolution to Support the Removal of the Name Thomas A. Brady from the New Student Center

PURPOSE: To ensure that the new student center carries a name that better represents a diversified student population and is free of prejudice views.

WHEREAS, the student center is being rebuilt, and as of 2010 will be finished and completely reconstructed, and

WHEREAS, the Student center has the most traffic of all university buildings on campus, and

WHEREAS, the student center should represent the students and provide a comforting environment for everyone, and

WHERAS, centers that encourage and support diversity such as the LGBT Resource Center, the Women’s center and the Multicultural Center will all reside in the new student center, and

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association recognizes Thomas A. Brady’s contributions to the University of Missouri as a scholar, teacher, and administrator, and

WHEREAS, through the research of faculty and students, it was revealed that Thomas A. Brady was prejudice against homosexuals and African Americans, and

WHEREAS, Thomas A. Brady went beyond what was required of him by law, to lead a committee to have students, staff and faculty removed if they were thought to be homosexual, and

WHEREAS, Thomas A. Brady had a goal to remove all homosexuals from the university, and

WHEREAS, journalism professor E.K. Johnston, known well for his contributions to the School of Journalism, was arrested in a homosexual bust and fired before he had a fair trial, and

WHEREAS, numerous students were interrogated about their sexual preferences, attendance at parties with homosexuals present, and witnessing homosexual acts, and

WHEREAS, Thomas A. Brady had students seek psychiatric therapy and receive a letter from a psychiatrist saying that they were “cured” before being allowed to continue their education at the University of Missouri, and

WHEREAS, numerous students committed suicide as a result of being expelled from the University of Missouri for being or because they were perceived to be homosexual, and

WHEREAS, students, staff and faculty were forced to hide their identity in order to receive fair treatment and equal opportunity, and


WHEREAS, Thomas A. Brady was against the integration of a university conference and made an effort so that African-Americans were not invited, and

WHEREAS, African Americans were not given the opportunity to participate in a University event because of their race, and

WHEREAS, African Americans are approximately five point nine percent of the University of Missouri’s student population, and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri prides itself on its diverse background, and has made goals to continue to increase its minority population, and

WHEREAS, changing the name would be more inclusive and welcoming for all students, and

WHEREAS, it is clear the University of Missouri has made changes to its rules and regulations in order to become more inclusive and welcoming, the biases and prejudices created during Thomas A. Brady’s tenure still remain and are indirectly condoned by the University of Missouri by continuing to use his name, and

WHEREAS, Thomas A. Brady’s acts against minorities do not follow The University of Missouri’s four core values, respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence in any way, and

WHEREAS, the rebuilding of the student center allows an opportunity to set a name that better expresses these values, and

WHEREAS, selling the naming rights would better benefit the student body while recognizing the student’s plea to acknowledge Thomas A. Brady’s prejudice acts, and

WHEREAS, Thomas A Brady’s actions against homosexuals reflected a mandate of President Middlebush and laws at the time; and,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that Missouri Student Association recommend that the name Thomas A. Brady be removed from the student center completely, both internally and externally, for the 2010 opening.


Respectfully Submitted,


Bria Scudder 

Four Front Co-chair

Multicultural Issues Committee 


Serena French
MSA Budget Committee

LBC Senator

Feminist Student Union


B. Patrick Buckalew

Mizzou Students for Gay and Lesbian Equality Co- President