University of Missouri

46-26: A Resolution in Support of Placing Contact Information on Syllabi

Purpose: To enhance communication and encourage undergraduate students to contact proper officials when those students have issues with graduate teaching assistants.


WHEREAS, MSA represents the interests of the undergraduate student body at the University of Missouri, and


WHEREAS, undergraduates sometimes do not know whom they should contact when they have a classroom issue (including but not limited to communications difficulties) with a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and


WHEREAS, there is no campus wide policy in place to direct undergraduates to proper contacts at the present time, and


WHEREAS, it would decidedly be in the interest of the undergraduate student population to have an administrative or faculty contact when an issue arises between an undergraduate student and a graduate teaching assistant, and


WHEREAS, the Office of the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education at the University of Missouri has agreed to use his office as a central contact point for all undergraduate students in matters involving Graduate Assistants, and


WHEREAS, any instructor or faculty member who wishes to have a separate and comparable program to the Office of the Vice-Provost established in his or her department ought to be able to do so.


THEREFORE, let it be resolved that the Office of the Vice Provost be used as a default central contact for all undergraduate students when a classroom issue arises between the undergraduate student and their respective Graduate Teaching Assistant, and


THEREFORE, let it further be resolved that those departments who prefer to handle the matter within their own department be able to do so as long as they provide a similar contact source for undergraduates to address the issue they might be having, and


THEREFORE, let it further be resolved that the information about whom an undergraduate ought to contact when he/she has a classroom issue be published on every syllabus for every course on campus, similar to the Academic Integrity and ADA statements, and


THEREFORE, let it be further resolved that the Vice Provost provide contact information to faculty so that they may be able to publish the information on their respective syllabi.


Upon Passage this bill will be sent to the following parties: Chancellor Brady J. Deaton, Interim Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies Mike Prewitt, Dean Pam Benoit, Dr. George Justice, Liz Tummons, Dr. Lee Wilkins, Dr. William Lamberson, Dr. Rex Campbell, Dr. Cathy Scroggs, Dr. Mark Lucas, President Mark Beard, Vice President Steven R. Schuster, President Thituin Boonseng, Sharon Lee and Pablo Mendoza


Respectfully Submitted,


Jim Kelley Jonathan Mays

Academic Affairs Chair Operations Chair