University of Missouri

46-21: An Act to Bring the BEC Handbook before the Full Senate

PURPOSE: To make the BEC handbook approval process consistent with those of all other Senate bylaw changes.

WHEREAS, according to Section 5.07 of the Senate bylaws, the BEC handbook “shall have the same power and force as these By-Laws,” and

WHEREAS, all other Senate bylaw changes are passed through the Full Senate.

THEREFORE, be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that Chapter 5 of the Senate bylaws be amended:
5.07 ELECTION HANDBOOK – Each year the BEC shall create an election handbook containing the MSA procedures, including Chapter 5 of these bylaws, a list of fines, and other information the BEC deems pertinent. This handbook must be approved by the Senate Operations Committee and Full Senate, and filed with the Clerk of the Senate at least 50 days prior to the MSA general election. Once approved, this handbook shall have the same power and force as these By-Laws. The BEC and all slates are mandated to follow its provisions.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays Taylor McKinney Robb Loran
Operations Chair Operations Committee Operations Committee

Jim Kelley
Academic Affairs Chair