University of Missouri

46-20: An Act to End the BEC Approval of Campaign Material

PURPOSE: To eliminate the Board of Elections Commissioners’ campaign material approval process and reform the campaign financial reporting system.

WHEREAS, it is inappropriate to require a slate’s written speech to be approved by the BEC or any branch of MSA before it is published, and

WHEREAS, three of the five slates in the 2005 and 2006 Executive elections were fined for posting material online without receiving prior approval of the BEC, and

WHEREAS, adding or changing text on a website has no financial consequences, and

WHEREAS, it remains the duty of the BEC to track slates’ expenditures to ensure they do not exceed the $1000 spending limit.

THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the Board of Elections Commissioners handbook be amended:


ALL campaign material – in ANY form – must be registered with the BEC and approved by 2 BEC members, of which at least one is on the Executive Board, before it is made public.

In order to ensure accurate financial reporting, slates will submit individual financial reports (Form 5) for campaign materials that incur financial costs prior to distributing the material. At least one member of the BEC must sign the form to acknowledge receipt. BEC members may refuse to acknowledge receipt only if the form is considered incomplete; under no circumstances shall the BEC deny receipt of the form for content reasons.

All distributed campaign material must comply with Paragraph III.F of the University of Missouri—Columbia M-Book section on Student Organizations. Any slate that fails to comply with all University policies and applicable laws will be subject to fines and/or disqualification.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that Chapter 5 of the Senate bylaws be amended:

(1) Receive (and approve, when required) election forms.
(3) Approve advertising directly related to elections and public debates, as opposed to candidates in elections.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays Taylor McKinney Robb Loran
Operations Chair Operations Committee Operations Committee