University of Missouri

46-2: A Resolution Commending the Department of Student Activities for an Awesome Start

PURPOSE: To give DSA a pat on the back for their hard work in August and September.


WHEREAS, In August and September the Department of Student Activities held more than 25 events, and


WHEREAS, In September alone they held more events than in the Fall 2005 and Winter 2006 semesters combined, and

WHEREAS, DSA Director Nick Trusty and the Fall Welcome staff organized a Midnight BBQ that attracted more than 2000 students, and


WHEREAS, College Music Committee Chairwomen Rachel Parrish and Junior Chairwomen Rachel Growboski and Stephanie Bishop have arranged concerts for Flogging Molly, OAR, and Ben Folds, with more than 3000 tickets already sold, and


WHEREAS, With all 1768 tickets already sold, Ben Folds has become DSA’s fastest selling show since Counting Crows in September 2002, and


WHEREAS, MSA/GPC Films Committee Chairman Will Haddix arranged the screenings of V for Vendetta, X-Men 3, Training Day, Silent Hill, Pride & Prejudice, Dogma, and The Omen, with a total audience of 1420, and


WHEREAS, The MSA/GPC Films Committee attracted more students to its first four films of the year than to its last two years of films combined, and


WHEREAS, Black Programming Committee Chairwomen Ashley Bolden and Martha Thompson’s Pizza Party, Black & White Party, and Third Thursday Presents Indian Summer recorded more than 1450 students in attendance, and


WHEREAS, International Programming Committee Chairwoman Persephone Dakapolos coordinated an International Welcome Party that over 800 students attended, as well as the Tibetan monks and International Bazaar events this week, and


WHEREAS, Speakers Committee Chairwoman Michelle Compton has organized lectures by T.C. Boyle and Jennifer Worick for a combined 720 students, and


WHEREAS, New Graduate Assistant Brian Dye has assisted the department with contracts and created new promotional banners.


THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association Senate commends Department of Student Activities Director Nick Trusty and the DSA committee chairs for an awesome start to the fall semester.



Respectfully submitted,




Jonathan Mays
Operations Chair

Sameera Ali
Multicultural Issues Chair