University of Missouri

46-19: A Recommendation Supporting a fee increase for Mizzou Club Sports Federation

Whereas, student organizations are deemed as club sports because the department of risk and insurance management labels them as high-risk activities, and

Whereas, these organizations are transferred to the MizzouRec services and facilities department to ensure that they receive additional supervision and risk management, and

Whereas, the current insurance rate, with 35 clubs, is approximately $25,000, and

Whereas, the MizzouRec Complex picked up these insurance costs last year, causing unneeded strains on their budget, and

Whereas, these insurance costs are expected to rise with the growing number of clubs, and

Whereas, currently there is only one full-time coordinator and one part-time student employee, working an average of 9 club home events/practices per day, and

Whereas, additional supervision is required to ensure that no hazing activity occurs, that no alcohol is present, that University policies are observed, that potential incidents are handled quickly and safely, and to provide quick response for accidents and injuries, and

Whereas, additional risk-management equipment is required to ensure safety of club members and ensure quicker response with AED for high-contact sports

Therefore, The Student Fee Review Committee recommends a permanent increase of $0.63 per semester to the MCSF student activity fee to cover insurance costs, three additional student supervisors, and first-aid kits and AEDs for all clubs.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Marianne Clark Courtney George Justin Hollensteiner
SFRC Chair Committee member Committee Member