University of Missouri

46-18: A Recommendation Reducing the Student Fee Amount for ASUM

Whereas, ASUM has served its constituency well for the last 30 years, and

Whereas, They have spent the last year focusing on internal restructuring, and

Whereas, Columbia students have been paying a significantly disproportionate amount to ASUM compared to the other University of Missouri campuses, and

Whereas, Their main focus in the upcoming years is the internship program, and

Whereas, They have requested a decrease in their student fee, and this lower fee would still allow them to fully function.

Therefore, The Student Fee Review Committee recommends a permanent decrease of $1.06 per semester to be taken from the ASUM student activity fee.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Marianne Clark Courtney George Matt Bosky
SFRC Chair Committee member Committee Member