University of Missouri

46-17: A Recommendation in Favor of Fee Increase for Campus Transportation

Whereas, A third commuter lot was constructed at Reactor Field to meet the need of off-campus students, and

Whereas, More shuttles have been implemented to transport students to and from this new lot, and

Whereas, These services have been provided without adequate funding, and

Whereas, There is a constant student need for more busses and later hours, and bus shelter needs to be installed at Reactor Field, and

Whereas, Parking and Transportation Director Jim Joy has allowed the student body to gradually increase their funding of this project over the next few years.

Whereas, While the entire student body benefits from additional parking and transportation services, those who actually use them should bear a greater share of their costs then those who do not.

Therefore, The Student Fee Review Committee recommends a permanent increase of $1.00 per semester be applied to the Transportation portion of the Student Activity Fee, and

Therefore, The price of parking permits be increased accordingly to cover additional remaining expenses.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Marianne Clark Chelsea Johnson Matt Bosky
SFRC Chair SFRC Vice-Chair Committee Member