University of Missouri

46-16: A Recommendation in Favor of a Fee Increase for The Department of Student Life

Whereas, The Department of Student Life supports social, educational, and cultural events and nationally ranked programs that benefit all students on campus, and

Whereas, Student Life full-time staff member salaries are below the University mid-range salary, making the department and the University less competitive and lowering retention rates, and

Whereas, Student Life has a substantial five-year plan for expanding the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement which will benefit the entire student body, and

Whereas, Over the last ten years the department has lost approximately 25% of its total budget due to reductions in State revenue, and

Whereas, Student Life has never before requested an increase in their student fee, and

Whereas, Student Life is requesting an incremental fee increase to make it more manageable for students,

Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends a permanent increase of $2.14 per semester to the Student Life’s portion of the Student Activity Fee, and

Therefore, we recommend this plan be re-evaluated annually by the Student Fee Review Committee for the next five years as this is an incremental increase proposal.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Marianne Clark Al Ludwig Katie Henry
SFRC Chair SFRC Vice-Chair Committee Member