University of Missouri

46-14: A Resolution Freezing the MUTV Budget until a New Budget is Presented to the MSA Vice President and Senate Operations Committee

PURPOSE: To freeze the MUTV budget until Vice President Brooke Moody and the Operations Committee receive the new budget that was requested during Fall audits.

WHEREAS, former MUTV General Manager Jason Bowman, who proposed the FY06 budget under which MUTV now functions, resigned from the Auxiliary last summer, and

WHEREAS, on October 4 the MSA Senate Operations Committee requested a budget update as part of the committee’s Fall semester audits, and

WHEREAS, the Committee was informed in meetings with General Manager Fred Veinfurt and Budget Director D’Anthony White that MUTV would request a new budget due to Bowman’s departure, and

WHEREAS, the Committee has repeatedly asked for this budget over the last month, and

WHEREAS, Graduate Assistant Mike Merkel attempted to solicit a budget from MUTV after a formal request by the Committee on October 31, and

WHEREAS, as of 10 p.m. on Monday, November 6, neither the Committee nor Vice President Brooke Moody has received a revised budget from MUTV.

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the MUTV budget be frozen until a new budget has been submitted to MSA Vice President Brooke Moody and the Senate Operations Committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays Rachel Crader
Operations Chair Operations Committee