University of Missouri

46-12: An Act to Change the MSA By-laws on Polling Locations

PURPOSE: To change the MSA by-law definition of a polling location to reflect the needs as presented by current campus facilities and environment.

WHEREAS, there has been much confusion over polling locations over the past few years; and,

WHEREAS, the current by-law text is too broad and diverse to ensure the BEC effectively ensures a fair election; and,

WHEREAS, students deserve locations at which they can vote without outside influence or pressure from candidates; and,

WHEREAS, this issue needs to be resolved not only before the presidential election but especially for the Senatorial elections; and,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Missouri Student’s Association changes the by-laws to reflect text below.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Compton Rachel Crader Nick Haynes
BEC Chair BEC Vice-Chair BEC Vice-Chair

(A) POLLING LOCATIONS—All voting shall occur at the polling locations established by law.
(1) UNIVERSITY COMPUTER LABS—All computer labs established by the University of Missouri defined by IATS as “General Access Sites”, “Residence Hall Sites”, and “Classroom Sites” shall be considered polling locations. This does not include other computers, regardless of IATS ownership or otherwise University owned, unless these computers fall into 5.25(3).
(2) OTHER UNIVERSITY OWNED COMPUTERS—All University owned computers that are not in a computer lab, and that have a primary purpose of public use by students shall be considered polling locations. Computers that are used primarily for administrative purposes shall not be considered polling locations.
(2) PERSONAL COMPUTERS—Students shall be allowed to vote on their individual personal computers. No restrictions in section 5.25 shall apply to personal computers.
(3) All organizational and departmental owned computers fall into the discretion of the parties which own these computers. They are not considered polling locations unless deemed so by the ownership parties. These parties may request candidates remove items from within the area (area to be defined by ownership parties) and may post prior to the election notification restricting candidate advertisement.
(4) Laptops available for check-out on campus are not to be considered polling locations as these locations may move within the building.
(5) The BEC reserves the right to deem individual locations polling locations or not polling locations as is necessary as campus facilities and environment changes.